Beer, Seltzer, RTD List

This is the 2022 list, 2023 list will be posted soon

Brewery Beer Style
StillFire Orange Diva Wheat Beer
Glory Haze New England IPA
College Dropout American Lager
Koastal Krush Mimosa Sour
Gate City Lager American Light Lager
Awe Juice American IPA
Citras Maximus India Pale Lager
Copperhead American Amber Ale
SweetWater 420 Extra Pale Ale
Broken Coast  American Lager
H.A.Z.Y. IPA New England IPA
Festive Ale Winter Warmer
Scofflaw Sunshine Orange Sour Fruit Sour
Dirty Beaches American Pale Wheat
Basement Light Light IPA
Basement IPA
Truly Vodka RTD Cocktails Blackberry Lemon
Cherry Lime
Pineapple Cranberry
White Claw Variety #2 Passion Fruit